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United States   Assetcapital  ( Add to Myhyips )

Program Details  

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Min Spend :$75

Max Spend :   $10000 Referral :7%-3%-1%

Withdraw : Manual

Plans : 1.6% daily for 365 days (principal back available after 45 days with 10% fee); 2% daily for 65 days (principal back available after 35 days with 10% fee); 2.4% daily for 55 days (principal back avail
Support: Support E-Mail Phone:
Payment Method :PerfectMoney BitCoin Payeer Litecoin Ethereum USDT
Forum : HYIP.biz All HYIP Monitors All HYIP Monitors AllMon.biz   HyipListers   58hyips  allmonitorstatus.com   allmonitors.co.in

  Added: Jun 9th, 2021        

Monitoring Days : 3       Lifetime : 3       Last Payout  : 

 Program Description 

Go to: Assetcapital

Asset Capital is an international financial services company that provides lending facilities, deposit programs for interaction with innovative payment instruments, as well as custody and savings services for individuals and companies. By continually improving, we are not only becoming a convenient service for storing and profitable exchanges of fiat and cryptocurrency, but also a platform that allows for passive income by listing cryptocurrencies on trading platforms as well as staking our own cryptocurrency. Our service provides several ways of possible investment, whereas profit is accrued both when storing funds in a personal wallet, and when opening a deposit under a credit program or partner listing offers.The Asset Capital international holding company has business authorizations from major global financial institutions, including registrations in New Zealand, Japan, Hong Kong, England, Australia, and Ireland.In 2009, we obtained certified approvals for our offline operations around the world. Since 2014, we have moved into the online investment and lending business, and since 2017, we have been conducting financial transactions for exchanging fiat and cryptocurrency funds, providing cryptocurrency listing services to leading trading platforms, and developing cryptocurrency software solutions, including ACLPay, a payment service for goods and services by debiting and converting cryptocurrency assets of the app owner. Partners and services that use currency conversion services to conveniently conduct business.We use more than 30 popular exchange destinations for regular partners who use multiple payment systems for B2C settlements with different currencies. This gives an advantage for convenient investments, using the requested currencies and payment systems for our passive partners.Exchange your funds directly in your personal account. Unlike the monopoly exchangers, we provide the possibility to withdraw funds to your payment details with minimal or no fees. Our exchange service allows converting cryptocurrencies at favorable rates. Simplified data verification allows for quick exchange and withdrawal of cryptocurrency. Thanks to the streamlined functionality, funds reach your wallet faster than with other similar services.You can simply keep your personal funds freely available in your personal account, earning from 0.2% per day for storage, or you can use the stacking process to increase your returns on regular storage. The profitability of storing funds free from stacking will be ensured by the commission paid by the partners of the automated exchange service. Alternatively, you can take advantage of additional deposit programs that are backed by returns from ACL lending and providing listing services to our partners, which provide far greater profitability but require short-term use of your assets by the company. Your funds are securely protected and always at hand.You can monitor your account via your personal account, making fast and secure exchanges and withdrawals at your convenience. Keep an eye on the Staking process and the return on your own investment. Secure instant exchangesLow or no commissions Availability of more than 30 payment systems and cryptocurrenciesNo fees for transferring funds to your partners - clients of the ACL service. 24/7 customer supportOpen regulatory frameworkInvest and earn a guaranteed passive income Fast withdrawal to all types of payment systems“We have taken care of not only our players but also every fan of our team. In 2021, payment for services to our club will become available in cryptocurrency for everyone through the introduction of an ACM token by direct integration with the ACL token. We have ensured that our customers get maximum convenience when purchasing tickets and fan merchandise through our partnership with Asset Capital. Our fans are now our partners.” Invest with Asset Capital using over 50+ rated cryptocurrencies.Through active investment programs, we provide guarantees to our partners when carrying out investment processes. We use both our total share capital of over USD 1.7 billion (of which 40% is in fiat currency and 60% in cryptocurrency) and the capital raised by investors (approximately up to 10% of share capital) to generate higher returns. Today, we generate most of our revenue from the exchange transactions, the lending process, the listing of new promising cryptocurrencies, and the staking of our own ACL coin, which is tied to all business processes in the company. Earn from 0.2% on staking and conversions daily, up to 7.5% profit on high-yield listings and lending business by starting a partnership with Asset Capital in 2021.Asset Capital is not just a reliable and profitable way to invest, but also an independent virtual wallet with the option to store and exchange currencies in various payment systems. You can simply keep your funds in a free balance and, at the same time, make a daily passive profit on exchanges without having to open a deposit.The e-currency is stored securely in your personal account in a free wallet or Staking account. Variable returns (0.2% to 0.5% per day, depending on the amount) on conversion fees from our partners go to your wallet, and you get profit to your positive balance. Also, you can easily transfer and exchange funds directly within your personal account at the current exchange rate, and your money will always be available for use. Asset Capital is compatible with all e-wallets and trading platforms. Why use digital currency to pay?Digital money means that you are your own private bank. Paying in digital currency eliminates intermediaries and reduces transaction costs. You save time by using cryptocurrency and your money stays safe with you. Use any convenient electronic or fiat currency.We work with a multitude of payment systems so that you can always take advantage of hassle-free electronic payments and purchases, and invest securely and safely in Asset Capital's services.

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