Hour Defi Limited

Expires: 2021-11-30
Position 1 - $30/Week

  Zeppelin Cars Limitede

Expires: 2021-11-30
Position 2 - $29/Week

  Venus-Mining Ltd

Expires: 2021-12-22
Position 3 - $28/Week


Expires: 2021-12-28
Position 4 - $27/Week

  Fast Hour Crypto Limited

Expires: 2021-12-28
Position 5 - $26/Week


Expires: 2021-12-18
Position 6 - $25/Week


Expires: 2021-12-30
Position 7 - $24/Week


Expires: 2021-11-08
Position 8 - $23/Week


Expires: 2021-11-08
Position 9 - $22/Week


Expires: 2021-12-28
Position 10 - $21/Week


Expires: 2021-08-28
Position 11 - $20/Week


Expires: 2021-11-08
Position 12 - $19/Week


Expires: 2021-08-08
Position 13 - $18/Week


Expires: 2021-11-08
Position 14 - $17/Week


Expires: 2021-09-08
Position 15 - $16/Week

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United States   Cryptohash.cloud  ( Add to Myhyips )

Program Details  

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Min Spend :$1

Max Spend :   $∞ Referral :10 % of the capacity purchase%

Withdraw : Manual

Plans : mining more than 50 cryptocurrencies -- 0.4% daily Forever
Support: Support E-Mail Phone:
Payment Method :PerfectMoney BitCoin Payeer Litecoin Advcash Ethereum Bitcoincash
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  Added: Apr 8th, 2021        

Monitoring Days : 118       Lifetime : 118       Last Payout  : 

 Program Description 

Go to: Cryptohash.cloud

Company CryptoHash.Cloud Safe and efficient mining. We have more than 50 cryptocurrencies for mining! Now we have begun to share our equipment for you, now you do not have to buy and set up equipment to start mining cryptocurrency, you can extract any cryptocurrency from us.WE COMPANY CryptoHash.Cloud ARE PRODUCING THE MOST POPULAR CRYPTOCURRENCIES, FOR A LONG TIME OUR TEAM HAS REMAINED IN THE SHADOWS OF NOT ALLOWING THIRD-PARTY INVESTORS TO INVEST IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF OUR EQUIPMENT. RECENTLY IT WAS DECIDED TO EXPAND THE QUANTITY OF EQUIPMENT AND THEREBY INCREASE THE PROFIT. WE CANNOT PROMISE BIG RETURNS TO INVESTORS, BUT WITH MANY YEARS OF EXPERIENCE, WE GUARANTEE THAT THERE WILL BE BENEFITS FOR ALL. WE UPDATE AND BUY NEW EQUIPMENT AND YOU WILL EARN ON IT. CryptoHash.Cloud is a mining platform for cryptocurrency mining.We do not promise you mountains of money and a comfortable future, but we will give everyone a chance. Just check in and start mining. We use the latest hardware and the latest algorithm! Our service provides the opportunity to produce more than 50 cryptocurrencies, such as ฿itcoin, ฿itCoinCash, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum for, etc.Company CryptoHash.Cloud You do not need to buy equipment and set it up. The equipment has already been installed and is working. No trade fee, no service, no noise, no heat, everything is covered by us. Our company is the most developed in the production of cryptocurrencies and the most expensive equipment. Cloud Mining with a high degree of security.฿itcoin is a virtual electronic currency regulated only by the Internet using a smart algorithm. ฿it - a unit of information (bit), translated from English means "coin." The main advantage ฿itcoins that they cannot "print" too much, because they release embedded in software algorithms, and do not obey any of the governments.Now fully accessible to institutional investors! Focusing on providing multi-mode and multi-strategy cloud-based cryptocurrency mining solutions for institutional customers of various enterprises and large retail customers, we also aim to provide investors involved in cryptocurrency mining with comprehensive all-in-one cloud hosting services from the purchase of a miner - choosing a mining farm - hosting a miner - monitoring cryptocurrency production data in real time - paying electricity bills, and so on. We have our real mining farms located in China, USA with our office in New York. Our data centers are equipped with the best security technologies and the latest advanced technologies.

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