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Position 1 - $30/Week

  Zeppelin Cars Limitede

Expires: 2021-11-30
Position 2 - $29/Week

  Venus-Mining Ltd

Expires: 2021-12-22
Position 3 - $28/Week


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Position 4 - $27/Week

  Fast Hour Crypto Limited

Expires: 2021-12-28
Position 5 - $26/Week


Expires: 2021-12-18
Position 6 - $25/Week


Expires: 2021-12-30
Position 7 - $24/Week


Expires: 2021-11-08
Position 8 - $23/Week


Expires: 2021-11-08
Position 9 - $22/Week


Expires: 2021-12-28
Position 10 - $21/Week


Expires: 2021-08-28
Position 11 - $20/Week


Expires: 2021-11-08
Position 12 - $19/Week


Expires: 2021-08-08
Position 13 - $18/Week


Expires: 2021-11-08
Position 14 - $17/Week


Expires: 2021-09-08
Position 15 - $16/Week

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Min Spend :$100

Max Spend :   $∞ Referral :25%

Withdraw : Manual

Plans : 1000% Profit
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Payment Method :PerfectMoney
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 Program Description 

Who we are.We are a Team with a vast experience in investments in areas with high profitability: the venture acquisition of shares in young companies with high potential; stock trading; real estate investments in emerging countries with high potential; investments in ecological / organic agriculture; and last but not least, investments in the establishment of forest plantations with trees with a high rate of development.And we do all this to generate a high degree of sustainability!What are we doing We want to share our prosperity. We are tired of seeing; how banks and big investors collect almost all profits. We believe that the time has come, and we want to share our prosperity directly with you!For this reason, we are also open to normal people. Now we offer them the opportunity to invest small amounts; but to collect big profits!Our team has created a new Token that will represent The Next Level Of Cryptocurrency!All existing cryptocurrencies today have only a virtual value, not guaranteed value and without coverage in the real economy!Compared to the rest, our Token cryptocurrency has a coverage in the profits generated by us in our activities in the real economy; we can GUARANTEE minimum value; and our Token have a real value compared with other cryptocurrencies who have only a virtual value!And for everyone who invests in our Token; we offer an annual profit of at least 100%.We can do this because all our businesses are sustainable in the long run in the real economy!Our project is addressed exclusively to individuals partners; and the maximum deposit is $ 25,000 per single user. Invest now, and your investment can increase up to 10 times until September 1, 2023, when our Token cryptocurrency will be officially launched.Until September 1, 2023, the process called Initial Coin Offering (ICO) takes place. Everyone says it, but in our case it’s true: our team is the secret to our success. Each of our employees is amazing in their own right, but together they are what makes our Team such a fun and rewarding place to work. Our team is a tight-knit, talented group with a shared vision of delivering consistently great results. Our common vision is to generate and share prosperity. We believe that the time has come, and we want to share our prosperity with our partners! Did you know that Bitcoin mining consumes more electricity than the Netherlands or Greece !? Thus, Bitcoin can turn into a monster that pollutes our Planet! ... Instead, our Token is friendly with Nature and its operating system is not based on mining; and as a result consumes extremely little electricity compared to Bitcoin! Our SecurityToken is provided by servers that benefit from the most powerful security systems; and is protected against any type of cyber attack! The value of Bitcoin did not present any guarantee. Today it can be worth $ 50,000; and in 7 days the value can drop to $ 30,000. Bitcoin have Zero Guarantee value because it has no coverage in something in a real economy. Bitcoin is a virtual thing with a virtual value. Compared to Bitcoin; ... our Token have a coverage in real economy; we can GUARANTEE minimum value; and our Token have a real value compared to other cryptocurrencies who have only a virtual value. Bitcoin is the playground of those with a lot of big money and of speculators. You can lose money if you bought Bitcoin and its price drops! ... Such a thing will never happen with our revolutionary Token. Because the value of the our Token will increase only as long as we decide that it is sustainable; and only as much as can be guaranteed and covered by the real economy; that is 100% growth per year! We can do this because we are The Next Level Of Cryptocurrency!Dear friends, The cryptocurrency market is a massively risky market.As a result, the growth potential is high; but also the risk of losing is huge!The market is very volatile, being able to have extreme fluctuations in an extremely short time. Our experience and past financial results; is not a guarantee for future results!But we want to assure you that we will make every effort to generate the best results to honor our promises !And our business system is different from the classic Bitcoin mining system; in the sense that we have the ability to control the value of our token. What Is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) An initial coin offering (ICO) is the cryptocurrency industry’s equivalent to an initial public offering (IPO). A company looking to raise money to create a new coin, app, or service launches an ICO as a way to raise funds.Interested investors can buy into the offering and receive a new cryptocurrency token issued by the company. This token may have some utility in using the product or service the company is offering, or it may just represent a stake in the company or project. How an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) Works When a cryptocurrency startup wants to raise money through ICO, it usually creates a whitepaper which outlines what the project is about, the need the project will fulfill upon completion, how much money is needed, how many of the virtual tokens the founders will keep, what type of money will be accepted, and how long the ICO campaign will run for. During the ICO campaign, enthusiasts and supporters of the project buy some of the project’s tokens with fiat or digital currency. These coins are referred to the buyers as tokens and are similar to shares of a company sold to investors during an IPO. Our ICO takes place over 16 stages.Each stage consists of 2 months. There are a total of 32 months.The ICO began on January 1, 2021. And will end on September 1, 2023. Initial Coin Offering (ICO) of our The Next Level Of Cryptocurrency:Our ICO takes place over 16 stages.Each stage consists of 2 months. There are a total of 32 months.The ICO began on January 1, 2021. And will end on September 1, 2023. The price of the token increases progressively in each stage.In the first stage, the price per token is $ 1.In the second stage the price increases to $ 1.25.And so on. In the 16th stage the price increases to $ 9.The price increases by at least 100% per year! If on January 1, 2021 you buy 100 tokens for $ 100, at $ 1 per token.These 100 tokens, on September 1, 2023, will be priced at $ 10 per token; and it will be worth $ 1,000.So, your investment has increased 10 times in just 32 months! On September 1, 2023, when our token will be officially launched, we GUARANTEE a minimum price of $ 10 per 1 token!We are the only ones in the cryptocurrency world; which guarantees a minimum value on the token !!!We are, and, This is ... The Next Level Of Cryptocurrency. We are pleased to present our Affiliation plan!We all know that the best promotion is between friends.For this reason we offer you the best motivation to promote our opportunity to your friends:- Nature friendly business with huge growth potential- 100% transparency and 100% sustainability- And most importantly GUARANTEE the minimum value of our token!Having these values, and believing in our potential; we offer you a Commission of 25% of all purchases made by your friends recommended by you!For example, if you recommend 10 friends in January 2021, and they buy every 100 tokens.You will receive a total of 250 (10x25) tokens which in January 2021 are worth $ 250.And these 250 tokens on September 1, 2023 will be worth at least $ 2,500 GUARANTEED!... with sustainable potential of $ 5,000, on September 1, 2024 ... with sustainable potential of $ 10,000 on September 1, 2025 ... etc!

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