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Rank No.60


United States   Invatek Ltd  ( Add to Myhyips )

Program Details  

Our Investment Payout Ratio User Rating Our Rating Status
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Min Spend :$10

Max Spend :   $∞ Referral :7%

Withdraw : Instant

Plans : 3% - 5% - 10% daily Forever
Support: Support E-Mail Phone:
Payment Method :PerfectMoney BitCoin Payeer Litecoin Ethereum Bitcoincash
Forum : HYIP.biz All HYIP Monitors All HYIP Monitors AllMon.biz   HyipListers   58hyips  allmonitorstatus.com   allmonitors.co.in

  Added: Nov 16th, 2020        

Monitoring Days : 60       Lifetime : 60       Last Payout  : 

 Program Description 

Go to: Invatek Ltd

Welcome to invatek.biz We manage cryptocurrency assets by offering a very attractive return on investment up to 300% a month. Our system offers settlements in Bitcoin regardless of exchange rate fluctuations. You can use 8 payment methods to make a deposit.Our traders trade every day on major platforms such as Binance, BitMex, KuCoin or CEX. In order to diversify, we also deal with arbitration using various cryptocurrency exchange platforms.We started our activity in 2019, where we are dealing with a big bull market. Our investor settlement system is in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency, so they can additionally earn on its exchange rate.We offer investment plans thanks to which, without any knowledge of the market or any other, you can multiply your money and achieve a net profit of 130% to 300% per month. All you have to do is choose an investment plan depending on your financial contribution and enjoy daily earnings. Join Now! invatek.biz by invatek.biz is an Assets Management program where you can invest and earn daily profits. We manage the assets of our clients' by providing a very high stable daily ROI from 3% to 10%. We are investing funds in Cryptocurrency trading and arbitration. The minimum investment amount is only $10 or the equivalent in other currencies.The upper limit of a single deposit is $100000, however, you can have many deposits, so there is practically no upper investment limit. Your earnings are unlimited. You will receive a 7% commission on the deposit of each person you recommend! The commission will be immediately on your account balance and can be withdrawn immediately. You don't need to have a personal deposit to earn on the Referral System. Please log in to your account, in User Panel you can find " Settings" option. There you can change your account data and payment accounts/wallets. I just found an investment program where you can easily withdraw your funds and no one keeps them indefinitely. You earn here every day. This is my best choice in 2020. I just found an investment program where you can easily withdraw your funds and no one keeps them indefinitely. You earn here every day. This is my best choice in 2020. You can earn extra money by recommending invatek.biz website to others. Get a 7% commission of each deposit from person who will register with your link. Try to promote our website and share your referral link wherever you can. write posts on Internet forums, share your link in your social media, record videos on YouTube, participate in Telegram groups and everywhere else wherever possible. There are many ways and places where you can promote us. You can earn even without your own deposit, the amount of money earned is unlimited and can be withdrawn immediately

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